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THe Drawn Medium

The Drawing Guild’s mission is to educate the public and new artists alike about the versatility and beauty of the drawn medium.  In the long run we want to set a standard of excellence in these mediums and build a professional society revered for the art produced by the members.

Basic Membership is free and only open to artists residing in Southern Africa and will entitle you to the following benefits:

'Rebel' - Pieter van der Merwe
  • Monthly Newsletter featuring news, workshops and special offers.
  • Entry to Challenges and Competitions.  
  • Members may apply for Open Call Exhibitions

As membership grows we will introduce additional tiers with additional benefits – some of which might incur a membership fee.  

We aim to accomplish our mission by running Art Exhibitions across South Africa, doing and promoting workshops and sharing information.

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“Drawing is the honesty of the Art. There is no possibility of cheating. It is either good or bad." -
Salvador Dali