Member Challenges

Every 2 months we will post a themed challenge with images.  Either use one or more of the images as reference or simply as inspiration to create your artwork.  Submit your art to us for a chance to be featured in our newsletter, website and our Facebook and Instagram pages.

Member Challenge #3

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Your Inspiration

Click on the images to download a high resolution version.  These images are all free courtesy of Pixabay.

Wet Wet Wet!!  Droplets hold a special fascination – maybe its the play of light and dark, they way they seem to enhance any subject or just the challenge of drawing them.  For Challenge #3 you can bring droplets into your drawing – wave crashing, rainy day, crisp dew-drop apple, tears?  The choice is yours!

The Rules are Simple:

  1. Artworks can be in any style – whether its impressionistic, contemporary, realism or abstract etc.
  2. Dry Media must be the hero – complete 80% of your artwork in Pastel, Coloured Pencil, Graphite, oil pastel or Charcoal.
  3. Submit a clear high resolution .jpg image of your artwork via our submission form before the deadline timer at the top of this page runs out.  Rename your artwork file to your name and artwork title eg. John Smith – Masterpiece. Keep your file size between 2mb and 5mb.  

These Rules are not meant to be broken

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