The Weylandts Aesthetic


I’ve been to many decor and furniture stores, but Weylandts is the kind of place that makes you want to live there!  Last year we spent a few days working in the spectacular Nelspruit showroom while the Degrees Of Realism Exhibition was running.  This year we’ll be spending time in the Port Elizabeth branch, and we hope your art will join us!

This begs the question though – what works in Weylandts?

The great thing about this furniture group is that their collection allows for a wide variety of styles and media. 


With an emphasis on natural elements, textures and fabrics that extend from raw wood, leather and both rough and fine woven textiles, the Weylandts walls invite wildlife, animal art, botanicals and ethnic portraits.  Classic and timeless design combines with modern contemporary lines to allow for both more traditional realism, to a modern interpretation.

This year we’d like to see more landscapes and some interesting abstracts and portraits to captivate our visitors.

We loved their coloured walls, hidden nooks and crannies and meandering design that created an interesting experience as you browsed from room space to room space.

The variety of room settings could host artworks of varying sizes and formats.

Clean designs mean a room can be brought to life by overwhelming detail or abstraction.  One theme runs through the space though – that of excellent craftmanship, fine taste and classy comfort.

Framing will need to be clean, contemporary and professional.

Visit the Weylandts website and visualise your artworks in their beautiful spaces, seek inspirationf in their textures and the colours of their brand.  Their website is a visual feast with a host of photographs of rooms, individual pieces and decorative items.

If you haven’t done so yet, download the 2021 Degrees of Realism Prospectus and entry form from the Exhibition page.  Don’t be afraid to contact us if your have a question – we’d like to exhibit your art!!