Meet the Artist: Coleen Williams


Coleen is an unassuming artist.  Her quiet nature belies her inner drive and talent though.  While her favourite colour to wear is black, her trademark in art is very much the exact detail and bright colour she manages to infuse into her artworks.

Coleen Williams - We Three Kings Episode 1
Coleen Williams - We Three Kings Episode 2
Coleen Williams - We Three Kings Episode 3

We Three Kings – 2020 – Coloured Pencil – Coleen Williams

Coleen confesses that she did take art as a subject at school, but then studied Graphic Design and followed a successful career as a Graphic Designer thereafter.  For 20 years she ran her own business, dabbling in art now and then for the sake of her job, but never seriously.

Coleen Williams - Weathered Stripes

Weathered Stripes – 2019 – Pastel Pencil – Coleen Williams

Coleen Williams

In 2018 things changed though.  She admits that she looked through the work of other artists on social media and was reminded that ‘she used to be able to draw’.  Gradually she picked the pencils up again – graphite had always been her first love – and found her way back to her inner artist.

A Sense of Knowing – 2020 – Graphite – Coleen Williams

Coleen stays on a lovely farm in the hills beyond White River with her fiancé, Huskies, horses and parrots.  Her favourite food is comfort food and when she needs to pick a subject, she skirts the question and tells me she is a commitment-phobe, but grudgingly admits she loves drawing animals. 

She is also the co-founder of The Drawing Guild, to which her contribution has been invaluable.  Coleen has been the creative force behind the look and feel of the Guild, designing the brochures and making sense of the detail.

Her work is displayed in the prestigious Warren Cary Wildlife Gallery in Hoedspruit as well as a host of other galleries.  In November 2020 Coleen and Henriette opened Rukoko Art Studio in White River – doubling as the administrative home of The Drawing Guild.

Coleen Williams - Desert Rose

Desert Rose – 2020 – Pastel – Coleen Williams

Coleen Williams - All Ears

All Ears – 2020 – Pastel Pencil – Coleen Williams

Coleen’s art is characteristically realistic, yet she has the knack for conceptualising interesting compositions and creative backgrounds.  Her colours are usually intense and she pushes her values to display a sense of light and contrast.  Though her subjects are quite varied, she lends the same sensitive touch to each.  Whether you enjoy realism or not, you’ll be able to appreciate her talent!