Meet Our Artists

Graphite and Coloured Pencil Artist

Patrick O’Brian

Patrick works mainly in graphite and captures the tiny feathered inhabitants of the African Bushveld in their stunning detail.


Patrick was born in Johannesburg, South Africa in 1972 and started drawing when he was 8 years. He moved to the Timbavati Game Reserve in 1998 after obtaining his diploma in game ranging. It is in Timbavati where his education of the bushveld really started. 

Living in such a pristine wilderness area laid the foundation for his art career years later unknowing to him at that time. He has a passion for these wilderness areas that have become the nurturing ground for his part time career as an artist.

Patrick specializes in wildlife illustrations and combines his study of nature and art to create highly detailed graphite and ink illustrations of flora and fauna from his hometown area Hoedspruit. Guiding in the, the Timbavati Game Reserve which is part of the Great Kruger National Park in South Africa, is where he gains his inspiration from.

Patrick has recently participated in an exhibition hosted by the celebrated wildlife artist, Warren Cary, in Hoedspruit with great success.

Patrick invites viewers to slow down and notice the wonders surrounding them. He is an artist, naturalist, and educator inspiring lifelong stewardship by connecting people to their local ecosystems through the study of nature and art.

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