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Graphite Artist

Pieter van der Merwe

Pieter creates  hyperrealistic and fictional-realistic graphite artworks in large scale.  A lot of his work focuses on the female form.


Pieter van der Merwe was born on the 14th of December ‘88  in the small town of Bethlehem on the outskirts of the Freestate province. He was since raised and schooled in the small town of Standerton from where he has captured the interest of art lovers since the age of 7. It was his first-grade teacher who initially recognized Pieter’s extraordinary abilities in various forms of art. Whether given a paintbrush, a set of pencils, a block of clay, or even paper mache, Pieter had a wonderful ability to create awe-inspiring works of art. Throughout his childhood, most of his time was invested in creative endeavors, but none so much as creating artworks on canvas using oil paint, which from a young age, he would sell as quickly as he could paint them.


At the age of 18, Pieter developed an interest in the design and making of everyday things and laid aside his fine art hobby. After graduating from high-school Pieter enrolled for a B-Tech Degree in Industrial Design at the University of Johannesburg. For the next 10+ years, Pieter engaged himself in the world of design and it was during his time as a Senior Designer for the Cape-Town based design firm, The TRE Group, that he “re-discovered” his true passion. At the office Pieter spent uncountable amounts of hours behind the likes of wood and mechanical graphite pencils creating concept drawing of all kinds, unknowingly developing a great love, or more of an obsession, for the medium.


In 2018 Pieter started experimenting with Graphite pencils across a broader application, and it was the art of creating highly detailed and accurate hyper-realistic drawings that truly grabbed his interest. His first hyperrealistic drawing was a re-creation of a photo of his eye. This very drawing, “done to an extraordinary level of artistic execution” – according to SA Artist Magazine, grabbed the attention of galleries across South Africa. After a few interviews, Pieter was represented by an agent from a prestigious art gallery in Hermanus, Western Cape, namely Rossouw Modern Art Gallery. At Pieter’s surprise, this first eye drawing sold for an unexpectantly high price and Pieter decided to end his career as a designer and focus on building a career as a graphite artist.


Today, barely 2 years after discovering his love for the graphite medium, Pieter van der Merwe works from his professional studio at home and now represents himself as a professional graphite artist and continues to create highly sought after large scale hyperrealistic & fictional-realistic graphite artworks. Since the dawn of his art career, Pieter has and still is experiencing a fast-growing following of fine art enthusiasts across social platforms. His works are being collected by art-collectors across the world and up to this day has sold to more than 15 collectors across 7 countries. His exceptionally executed artworks have proved to bare high investment value and continue to grow in quality and value.


Pieter takes great pride in his art. He believes this will be his life’s work and dedicates most of his time towards his absolute passion for creating graphite artworks. Pieter van der Merwe aims to create a deep footprint in the fine-art community and leave the owners of his work with great value and unparalleled levels of pride.

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